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Feel free to ignore self-indulgent whining!

- My job ends next week, and I (still) haven't been able to find a new one. Great.

- No bites on the internships, either. I can't even find work as a gofer. When nobody's even hiring you as the office bitch, you've officially reached a new low.

- My sister's not helping on that front. The less said, the more my blood pressure stays normal.

- I feel blocked, art-wise. Not that I'm out of things to draw. It's just that lately, I feel that everything I put down on paper has just been... disappointing. I'm usually pretty down on my art on a good day, but these feelings have intensified these past few weeks. Still, I feel that I shouldn't stop. The last time I felt like this, I didn't pick up pen and paper for nearly a year. I really do not want to repeat that experience.

What's a girl to do when she's feeling down? ...Spend money she doesn't have, of course! 'Cause that's the smart thing to do.

- Finally made the plunge and bought my first loli piece: an off-brand jumper skirt at [ profile] egl_comm_sales. It was a lot compared to what I usually spend on dresses, but for a loli piece, it was a fucking steal. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and it looks even better in person. It's very pretty and not too ruffly and lacy.

- A petticoat for the above-mentioned JSK, at Trash and Vaudeville. Very... fluffy. Fluffy is good.

- These shoes. Because when I'm not trying to be super girly, I'm trying to find ways to cross dress. People tend to think I'm kidding when I say this. I'm not.

And finally, some nice stuff:

- When my sister isn't nagging (which she only does because she cares, something I have to remind myself when I'm feeling particularly cantankerous), she's really awesome. She's taking me to Harry Potter world in July for my birthday. Awesome.

- Going to visit my friend in Albany this weekend. I'm sorry to say that Albany is really, really boring, but visiting friends always mitigates the negative parts of a visit. It looks nicer than the city, at least.


So I'm still applying for jobs and internships, but I will be going somewhere for a week, so at least I'm doing something, this whole new loli fashion thing looks like it's coming to a good start, and I still have these ideas in my head, even though I'm a little stumped, drawing-wise. My scanner is out of commission for the time being, so if I do post anything, it will be stuff done with my tablet. Hopefully, things will go well.
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