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Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do Guise I ship Bolin/Korra so hard what do I do

I don't remember the last time I was this obsessed with a show, or shipped a pairing so hard, or was this concerned with said pairing becoming canon. (well, actually, I do, but stfu, Perry/Harry is flawless and is totally canon!!)

It doesn't help that Bryke are completely trolling trolls.

Fuck, there's going to be a whole bunch of gross sobbing in the near future, isn't there? :|

In other news, I look damn good in a corset.
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I feel dead, though. Ugh.

Let's see: Blah, blah, school, blah, blah, financial aid, blah blah, job, blah blah, lolita, blah blah, natural-kei, blah blah, Regular Show, blah blah, new tumblr, blah blah, here, have some pencil vomit.

L used Cut! It's super effective! )

I'll try to be a little more active from here on out..
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My dad thinks I have some secret boyfriend. What.
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Good: I found a pair of vintage gloves at a thrift store for a really good price! c:

Bad: They're a little too small. :c They fit... barely. I'd probably cut off the circulation to my fingers if I wore them for to long...

Worse: ...but that doesn't matter now, because I left them somewhere in school, and now they're probably lost forever. Now I can't even try to resell them on Etsy or something. Argh argh argh...

You're terrible: I knew should've just saved the money to buy yarn and shit for Christmas presents, instead of myself. That's what I get, I suppose. I wonder how everyone feels about purple/orange/green acrylic...

Good: On the plus side, classes end tomorrow!

Bad: I have two ten page papers due by the end of the week, a three page paper and final exam due tomorrow, a presentation on Friday, and a four page paper due three hours ago.

Worse: I haven't started any of them.

No seriously, you're terrible: I could have avoided all this if I hadn't procrastinated...

Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done: I'm on LiveJournal right now, writing up this entry, and I'm on Tumblr looking for reaction .GIFs.


...This has "Hoisted By Their Own Petard" written all over it, doesn't it?
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...and is now a brunette.

Don't mind me. I'm just really bored and trying to avoid my schoolwork.
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submergedmemory: (Default) see my mother in Louisiana for two days. Then it's of to HARRY POTTER WORLD FUCK YEAH for another two days, and then off to visit my cousins in Jacksonville for the rest of the week. So I'll probably be away from the computer for the rest of the week.

But first...

Midnight screening of Deathly Hallows, fuck yeah! )
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I sure do get a lot of spam on this thing...
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It's not the greatest movie, but...

ZOMG Val Kilmer in glasses, eeeee~.

He looks so... cuddly. <3

(Also, Denzel Washington, always nice to have.)
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Feel free to ignore self-indulgent whining!


What's a girl to do when she's feeling down? ...Spend money she doesn't have, of course! 'Cause that's the smart thing to do.

Spending money like it grows on trees, la la la la... )

And finally, some nice stuff:

I write too much. )


So I'm still applying for jobs and internships, but I will be going somewhere for a week, so at least I'm doing something, this whole new loli fashion thing looks like it's coming to a good start, and I still have these ideas in my head, even though I'm a little stumped, drawing-wise. My scanner is out of commission for the time being, so if I do post anything, it will be stuff done with my tablet. Hopefully, things will go well.


Jun. 6th, 2011 09:35 pm
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When I said I needed a new hobby, Lolita fashion was not what I had in mind oh god I can feel my bank account breaking already. ;-;

In other news, college stuff is still a bitch, still looking for a job, still working on the H/P/H drawing I meant to post last week, and still working on that 5+1 prompt that I kind of sort of filled on the KKBB kink meme.
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[ profile] submergedmemory's going to Comic-Con this Saturday and Sunday! Fuck yeah!
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It rained again today, which wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't going to be a few minutes late for my first class.

Which also wouldn't be so bad, except the universe apparently thinks I can afford to be more than a few minutes late, because the subway stops.

Which also also wouldn't be so bad, except it doesn't start up after one or two minutes. No, that train sits there.

For thirty fucking minutes.

Cue train workers trying to figure out WTF happened. (Something about something - or someone - setting off the emergency brake in one of the cars. I think. I'll be honest, at that point, I'm trying to figure out the best way to teleport off the subway and back into my bed.)

So much for getting to class.

Here, have a drawing:

Drawing! )

In other news, somebody pinned the most horrendous, horrifying fake butterflies to the living room curtains. I'm serious, those things will be haunting my dreams tonight. :|
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So it pretty much rained all of last week. Boo.

But then it cleared up yesterday! Hooray!

Then it started to rain again. Boo.

Now it's supposed to rain all week. Double boo.

Well, it didn't rain today, but it was horribly humid and too hot (by my standards). But it certainly looked that way, and I'm not holding out for a reprise tomorrow.

I like rain - it's fun to splash around in, yaay - and anything above 65 is, in my opinion, way too hot. But seriously, all this rain is bumming me out. Stupid April. :(

So here's a drawing of Perry holding a puppy in the rain! Because that's totally something Perry would do.

Not Harry, btw. An actual puppy. )

In other news, I've been playing a lot of Pokemon recently. Currently level grinding in Pokemon White, trying to get my team up to speed for the Elite Four, and recently restarted FireRed, after realizing that the team I had throughout the duration of the game really, really, really sucked. And I was wondering why I never faced the Elite Four. Hopefully, this run will turn out better.

Why the eff am I mentioning this? No reason-- just expect some Pokemon related fanart coming soon. Maybe even some KKBB/Pokemon fanart? ;p Who knows.
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...Robert Sean Leonard in glasses, eeeeeeeeeeeee~ <3
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Me: Hmm, I've had this eyebrow ring in for three months, maybe I can finally change it... [poke poke poke]

[End piece falls off, falls down sink]

Me: D8!! ...Well, guess I have to change it now... -_______________-


[buying stuff!]

Me: Okay, which way does this thing unscrew? [fidget fidget fidget]

[Ring slips, falls down school sink]


Random Girl: o_____o [scoots away]


Yes, this actually happened last week. Yes, I am stupid and clumsy. >_>

...So how about those DDoS attacks?


In other news, I have three papers due next week (NOOOOO), and a short that needs filming tomorrow morning (YAAAAAY), with no one to actually film (NOOOOO). I need more college friends...
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So apparently, yellow lights don't mean "Slow down" anymore. Yellow lights mean, "Floor it at the last possible second, making sure to almost hit the little Chinese* girl."

Last possible second meaning, in this case, almost half a foot away from the crosswalk, WTF WTF WTF.

I hate the city sometimes.

And maybe it was partially my fault, but really-- half a fucking foot from the crosswalk? I feel I have a right to bitch a little.

*Not that I am, but I don't think the driver particularly cared in that moment.


Jan. 8th, 2011 11:30 pm
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You know that post, way back when, where I said that I would update more frequently?

Yeah, me neither.

Seriously, though, I will. Update more frequently, that is. Not remember the post way back when.

...God, I'm stupid. ._____.
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A few icons for [ profile] crystalkei. Something like these?

And a slightly different one:

Let me know if you want any changes!


On a completely unrelated note... Calculus is hard. :( And boring.


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